The Beast With Two Backs: Part 3

To the city from where the sun rose
He first made way
Its ramparts spoke of old wars and sieges
promised, of tales and adventures
Heavy, air of having seen it all hung
The test of time it had withstood 
It began here,in the city where the sun rose.
In an inn our hero found board
Where servers were of heavy bosom
Each serving, they heaved and taunted 
Fawned, teased and pampered
At once coy and knowing
twinkle in eye and smile on welcoming lips
Lips that tongue slowly swept and

Slowly drawn from lip
Blush born of innocence
Our hero red he flushed.

The drink cold and nourishing of vigour
Boldened by Dionysius’ favour
A rapier wit as at yet unknown
Let ‘lone tested
Footing it found and was quick in full flight
A gaggle of giggles his servers became
A touch here, a touch there
A stolen kiss
A Passing caress
of cheek and palm
Whispered nothings
Of the promise of night and shadow
Favour of Aphrodite our hero had found too
Oh! But the folly of youth
Unknowing of what next our hero floundered.


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