Part 1: The Beast With Two Backs

It was the visions that sent him forth;

haunted by dreams that left him in cold sweat

in the light of day it was but clear

to end the hauntings he must set out;

to find that which he sought

a creature he had not yet met

but which he saw nightly till dawn

he had to find

the beast with two backs.


They told him it was for nought

for the beast was legend and myth, roaming in lands forgotten and unknown

but he was resolute

he must search, to the end of his days if he must

for his life now held no meaning

beyond this one quest

for only having found it could a man he become

this was his Dokimasia Krypteia


The oracle he consulted

blurred images, whispered promises and thundered warnings

behind curtains and fragrant mysts

he would find the beast when he was good and ready

to beware its shifting forms and

watch for the blood moon

to be clear of purpose and hard of conviction

for the road was long and treacherous

deception and intrigue in a game he knew not

a pawn on the board of the game of life itself


Forewarned is forearmed

heavy of heart and mind he wandered from the mountain;

they had waited for him

his mother with fear

his father with pride

a brother he had lost to the Krypteia

but this was his son, the best of him.

Adorned in his father’s armor

and strengthened by a mother’s blessing

he set forth

to find that which he sought

The Beast With Two Backs


He put his trust in Apollo

for he knew not what he must do with the beast

to capture, to tame, to kill, or simply lay sight

A prayer to Hermes

for he knew not where the journey was to end

the paths to tread;

the road less traveled or to forge new path’s altogether

Zeus for his wisdom,  but more for his guile

perhaps not his suit but his imagination which was unbound

and the fervent hope that he would not suffer Hera’s wrath.






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