Make Good Art

It had to be Neil Gaiman who put my fears to rest and put my work and art into perspective and if that wasn’t enough, inspire me too. I once lamented  that my life was boring (see here: also one of my favourite pieces) and that it would show in my future work. Gaiman’s answer to that- MAKE GOOD ART; about that boredom, about that lack of depth, about being average. I realise it doesn’t have to extraordinary to be relevant or to be the next great thing. A timely reminder. Crucially though it tells me that everything around me can inspire even extraordinary art; I don’t need a muse because everything is my muse.

So there, the challenge has been put; to take things we see, we do, we experience, we hear, we say and make good art.

Below is the full speech that inspired the above typography and which now acts as a guide to how I approach not only my work but to some degree life too. Make good art. Enjoy the process.


2 thoughts on “Make Good Art

    • Haha, seen it already. I follow his blog. One of my favourites is the one were there is an alien that gets an artefact which gives him super powers. However he can now only live for a period of time and he embraces his power to live to the fullest. Great visuals. Kinda looks like Green Lantern.

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