Endless Death


I am frozen. I am still. I am quiet.

I am dead.  This is the end.

Left at Destiny’s crossroads,

through the door filled halls of the sandman Morpheus,

dust stained past the howling wind-swept plains Delirium driven.

Forlorn, wafting, sense deprived in packed halls

Despair in the face of unflinching and unyielding memory.

The futility of Desire,


satisfaction fleeting, higher peaks evermore.

Destruction reigns as all things must come to an end,

great and small alike to dust,

dust to dust ashes to ashes.

In the ashes a phoenix rises,

new beginnings even here at the end,

I am quietened, I recede into

the comfort of Death’s embrace.

by Kidnotorius

Dream. Death. Desire. Delirium. Despair. Destruction. Destiny


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