Nines 001- Karl

darkofficesnightI made for the door. “Nines, wait! So that is your choice?”

I dropped the hand that had been reaching for the door, turned and looked him in the eye “This isn’t my choice. I just simply have to do it.”

“You always have a choice”

“Only if I have the power”

“Then go get it”

I snickered. “Karl, to do that I’d have to buy the city. I don’t have that kind of green”

“Use the slums, they’re cheap and often free. They are hungry”

Now I openly laughed. “Old friend, there is no such thing as a free meal. Besides, I have no wish to be a messiah, pretend or otherwise”


“Because they have to be led. I trust myself more than some hack who had the muscle and the chops to claw himself to the top.”

“They don’t need to be led Nines. It’s about time we took what was ours.”

I turned to leave, “You’re on your own on that. Somebody always has to lead.” And with that i walked out. I knew what Karl felt about such things. If I stayed any longer he’d trap me in a never-ending round about discussion I had little interest in. I had no doubt he believed every word he said but Karl lived in a world that ignored the cruel nature of man and quite simply, that it’s a jungle out here. As I left him in his dank office that smelled of stale alcohol and cigarettes, papers and manuscripts covering every surface and left over happy meals, that the vermin that infested this building fed on, buried under unpaid bills and debt notices, I wondered how he could maintain such a position when faced with the grimness of reality in Heaven’s Gate.This was a city that the virtues of humanity were never on show. I pushed Karl into the back of my head, I had a job to do and it needed my attention.


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