Feminism is dead! Long live the Creep!

fiftyshadesfeminismWomen of the world I judge you. You screamed and wailed that you wanted to be treated equal, were against patriarchy and in all your feminist zealotry you killed chivalry but today we have found you hypocrites of the highest order. You have finally showed your true and having-never-ever-changed original colours. Your credit cards have shouted loud and clear to the world, we gave you the vote and you voted with your feet and stampeded the bookstores, revolutionized a whole industry all in the name of creepy sparkling vampires and emotionless businessmen with a penchant for spanking. Feminism is dead! Long live the Creep!

You swoon at the notion of a man watching you unknowingly, wish you were the girl that threw herself off a cliff because she got dumped. You wish to be left without room to make any decisions of your own, to be treated as a fragile being that needs to be protected. Feminism is dead! Long live the Creep!

You, ladies/tramps/whores/ constituents of the fairer sex, wish to be tossed around and contrary to decades worth of glossies you want your men remote, aloof, downright domineering, you wish to be possessed, taken. I see you, already aroused at the notion, tsk tsk tsk. Feminism is dead! Long live the Creep!
Edward Cullen, Christian Grey, Dorian Gray,Flashman (the cad of all cads) and in reality Tucker Max, Tiger Woods, Tom ‘the new loon of Hollywood’ Cruise and a slew of other dickwarts the world has spawned. Forget just the popularity of some of these folks, real or fictitious, but look too to the enduring popularity of Mills & Boon (and their ilk) and their one dimensional women characters with the pretense of strength but who find themselves succumbing to the will and force of a MAN. They say actions speak louder than words, well then, your actions have been shouting. Your wish is to be utterly and truly dominated. To treat you as a naïve and weak doe. Powerless, docile and all responsive to the irresistible power of a MAN. Feminism is dead! Long live the Creep!


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