Dragon Fire, Dragon Flame

Badge of Honour


I sit here in the Upper Six gazebo area during one of my little visits to Campus and I can’t help but have flashbacks of some of the things I experienced here.

Pippin pretending to be Steve Irwin by the Upper Six gazebo. I wish I still had that video. It was priceless. We were carefree. It was a perfect distillation of High School and our group. (Before I put this post up I came across the video in one of my old back up cds. Guess those things help after all.)

Cythera and 14 orgasms in the pre room. In first year varsity I eventually saw the full video, never really noticed the massive amount of editing that wnet into the video we saw until then.

The tower and Rob and Carla (I wonder if that really happened)

The missing silent on stair sign that Kilkie stole. He still has it over his bar at his digs.

Walking around naked after 18th birthday. Last thing I remember is diving into bushes and then blank until slurring at the guard at St George’s entrance and then blank again. Everything else is hearsay.

Rock down Harare on the 16th  of September in our final year. It was my first ever concert and typically I slurred at the guards and asked them what’s wrong with the word kaffir. Pippin slapping me to my senses after I’d passed out in front of the stage. I had a lovely video of that too. Gone with stolen laptop. (recovered that too)

Getting busted smoking by the Form 1s and the reporting myself in to Mr Haddad to reduce the damage. It worked, I just got a telling off.

Squash nights with Greyling, Ngwabi and Mumu

Tich, the hockey coach and the 3rds. We had a decent attack with Matongo, myself and and this other cocky berbatov like kid (can’t quite remember his name right now- he is in Canada I think). We quite fancied ourselves especially after we beat 2rds in a game. We were good. That was a good year for hockey. 1st team were unbeaten that year. Highlights were the pulsating draws with St John’s. The following year was just a disaster.

Toastmasters with Jamie, Bowser, Mrs Walcott , Hafiz, Chasosa, Nicholas, Chaka, Nippun. I remember Bowser badly cutting himself whilst opening a bottle of wine. We’d already had too much. Mrs Walcott used to be on Bowser’s or my case all the time. She couldn’t never let sleeping dog lie and always had to win. The same could be said for me. I hope she’s enjoying Hong Kong. I’m glad I wasn’t in her Bio class though.

Debate nights, current affairs.

I remember the black guys teasing me after prefects were chosen, wondering aloud if TI would make me his dorm prefect and if I was an unwanted distraction in that group. I hated them for it. In my head I did wonder.

I remember training for 1sts and not getting in. Alone on the indoor court. Pippin thrashing me in the 100 meters during trials

I remember Hamadziripi and his 69 in History and my 67. How he gloated and how I dressed him down in front of the class. I mean dude, really, a year and a half head start and all you have to show for it is 2%.

I remember the debates with the girls, the one on my birthday with the guilt cake from Aunty Mabel for forgetting my birthday, the one at Chisipite, the one I met Lilian and the Arundel one that I met Taffy.

I remember Shaan, Sam and Dylan; boarders who left.

I remember late night swims with Mike, TI and Pippin. Playing a little polo to keep them in practise and me swearing. I was nowhere as good. I was slower, weaker and less agile.

I remember Kirsty Coombes, an amusing story that is. Pippin finding us making out in the kitchen and then running around and telling all our mates. Dhonza dhonza dhonza warrior. I still owe him for that.

I remember TI’s 18th and Ned getting smashed after he heard about the accident. Matt driving us home, Ned catatonic.

Remembers the S we made in the car park and the noise we made as we removed it. I was kinda disappointed that Dingo’s reaction was just calm fury.

I remember too the World Cup final night and being one of four English supporters in a place (Bowser’s bar, again) full of bokke. I thought I was smart and dived into the pool. They waited till I’d changed back. Then threw me back in.

I remember the leavers party at my house. My ma thought it was like a few of my friends. She didn’t realize it was the whole year, our dates and some of our other friends, an odd 200 people or so. The carpet was a nightmare to clean but that was on hell of a party.

I remember Geo class and sitting at the back and writing a poem about the one eyed giant. I wonder what happened to that poem, I liked it.

Ecos and Business Studies class with Mr Black and his raspy voice. I think he was on a mission to make me fail Ecos, he came close too, undoing all the work that Mr Barnard had put in.

Exams and sneaking off with Bowser, Pippin and Sachikonye to smoke around the neighbourhood. We’d remove our ties and blazers but it didn’t remove the fact that anyone who saw us would know we were George’s boys. Mike would tag along to sulk cause he didn’t smoke and didn’t approve. He was so stiff in those days. I wonder what he is up to now.

I remember Centenary in the rain against PE. I remember winning. I can’t remember the score line but I do remember what it felt like. There was no better feeling. I cried, we all did. Celebrations that night at Dylan’s girlfriends were chilled, we’d exhausted ourselves.

I’m here at George’s having typed this and I wonder who of us will return here either as staff or parents or just as old boys watching the rugby. I had so many memories in just two years I wonder what would have been had I been here longer.


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